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Rahway Education Association

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Rahway High School
Head Rep:
Shannon Barnes

If you have any issues or concerns to please feel free to contact their designated High School Union Representative this will help to ensure that we have clear lines of communication.


Donna Campbell: Ace

Buniak, Bushinger, Ciemniecki, Conroy, Crowell, Kurylak, McEvoy, McNeece, Moskal, Nielson, O'Callahan, Risko, Shutte, Ortega, Gonzalez, Burket, Anthony Mocekis.

Jo-Ann Zwiebel: Fine and Performing Arts/Family Consumer Science/Business:

Brunton-Dooley, Campanelli, S. Keat, Spatz, VanWyk, G. Brown, Corrigan, Bunion, Dagiantis, Yacyk, Pennell

Jaime Fisher: Enrichment/ Industrial Arts/ ROTC

B. Brown, Rojas, Natoli, Weissbrod, Candiloro, DeSavino, Henry, Mintz

Steve Radler: Social Studies

Brighouse, Curnow, Farrell, Gerardo, Moore, Odin, Peloso, Rosa

Maria Capriglione: PE Staff

Castaneda, DiBlasio, Remley, Romeo, Stueber, Mobley

Debbie Alford: Safety Officers/Nurse

Garay, Richardson, West, Lesinski

Rena Perrone: English/Broadcasting

Bertelo, Goodman, Jotz, McNicholas, Saadeh, Sharrock-Shaw, Toto, Wright, Palermo

Diane Lagattuta: Foreign Language

Caggiano, Kinch, Lulkoski,Monteiro, Peralta,Sierra

Tammy Taggert: Math

Brooks, Cane-Gulley, Cook, D'Alessandro, DeNicola, Hamel, Long, Robertelli, Schmid, Vinci

Trish Williams: Special Education:

Bernai, Olear, Gallup, Savarese, Herrington, Jones, LaForge-Paz, Munoz, Pescatore, Simone, Wall, Sorrentino.

Kim Kiefer: Guidance/ Tech Facilitator/ Librarian/Media specialist

Gleason, O'Riordan, Sainte, Strathern, Zech, Finne, Bliss, Rose, Johnson

Linda Kasprzyk: Secretaries/ Custodians

O'Lone, Bender, Buchanan, Dominguez, Fuzy, Garay, Myers, Reilly, D. Kaspryzk

Steve Valentine: Science

DeRose, A. Barnes, Ducore, M. Keat, Margel, Welstead, Carle, Sturr, Tuohy

Debbie Clarke: Paraprofessionals/CST

Alexander, Baker, Burnejko, Haywood, Kelly, Agudo, Kovacs, O'Loughlin, Rodriguez, Shannon, Misir, Schiffman.


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Rahway Middle School

1. Gary Mendes

2. Leslie Cawley

3. Linda Cohen

4. Caroline DeFreitas

5. Brad Edwards

6. Brian Harms

7. John Herson

8. Anjanette Highsmith

9. JoAnne Kennedy

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Franklin School REA Chain of Command



         Jackie Fagan

         Susan Farrar

         Kathy Harris

         Doug Hillegas

         Venisha Jordan


The staff of Franklin School may speak with any school R.E.A. Rep. with whom they are most comfortable.  Any information that needs to be relayed to staff members is done through email, inter-office mail, mailboxes, or mentioned at staff meetings.

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Rep Breakdown for Roosevelt School 2010-2011


Vee Johnson- 5th grade teachers, Specials

Tara Seeburger- 4th grade teachers, nurse/secretaries

Ray Jones- custodians

Doris Jellison- gr 3-5 paras

Cindy Kaminski- pre-K – 2 paras

Roz Goldman-  2nd/3rd grade teachers

Susy SIlvestri-1st grade teachers

Denise Jacob-  BSI/RR


Madison School Building Reps:
Linda Stout - Head Rep.
Office staff ande itenerate staff
Barbara Fortunato
Richele Lund
Grover Cleveland Building Reps:
Deanna Malley - Head Rep

Irene Beese

Wanda Mozingo


JoAnne Campanelli